Mouth-watering and highly noutritious, "Spanakopita" or spinach pie with feta, is an exceptional Greek pie. Its filling comprises of chopped spinach, Feta cheese, onions, seasonings, wrapped in filo pastry open with a wooden rolling pin.

SPANAKOPITA - Traditional spinach pie with feta 1kg

  • Cooking Instructions:

    Bake at 190c for 35-40 mins not from frozen but after 30 mins defrost at room temperature.


    Unit * Box Info:

    Weight per Unit (gr): average 240-250gr

    Units per box: 5 trays x 8 pieces (40)

    Box Dimensions (L x W x H) 39,5/26,5/18



    Dough: Wheat flour, water, vegetable oil, sunflower oil, sugar, salt, fresh spinach, onions, Feta cheese, Giza cheese, Semolina, dill,  peper.


    Allergy Information:

    Contains: Gluten, soybean, milk. It may contain traces of sesame.


    Self Life: 

    12 months at -18c