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The idea started since we were at Heriot Watt’s university’s library feeling homesick especially for our delicious Greek food that we missed so much.

After graduation we immediately started working on the idea of importing authentic Greek food & drink products to Scotland and later make them available to the whole UK.

Our company, Ariston Foods Ltd, registered on September 2014 and initially was focused on wholesales. Then, after many customer requests we opened our first Greek Artisan Pastries shop in Portobello on March 2018.

Following a great success and after recommendations from our customers to open a shop in Edinburgh city centre, we opened our second Greek Artisan Pastries shop on May 2019.

We are so happy when we receive a big smile from our customers just after their first bite of our authentic Greek pastries. This is the biggest reward ever!

We are so proud that during the lockdown we managed to keep our shops open under very difficult circumstances in order to keep sharing love and support to those needed.

Also, at that time we managed to open our online shop as well to allow our customers to find what they needed from the comfort of their homes.

We, at Ariston Foods Ltd, truly believe that we are all a big family without any exemptions!

We love you all.

Ariston Foods Ltd Team



Charles, Howie

The staff in Greek Artisan Pastries heroically kept the shop open all the days  they were permitted to during lockdown, last year and this. Well done and thank you, and the coffee is excellent!

Andrew, Wallace

Exquisite Greek coffee and heart warming service and environment. I am looking forward to enjoy out treats at home too 

Nicola, Montage

Nice place, run by nice people. The items are delicious

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