Taste the Greek traditionaly made feta cheese wrapped in shortcrust phyllo dough coated with sesame.

These Mini Feta Cheese Bites With Sesame serving 15 pieces in 750gr pack.

Ideally served a delicious appetizer, shared dish-maze or finger food.

Give the first bite with closed eyes and travel away...



Cooking Instructions:

Pre-heat your oven 180c for 10 mins

Bake at 180c for 20 mins from frozen.


Weight per pack (gr): average 750gr

Store it in your freezer: 

for up to 2 months

Allergy Information:

The product contains gluten, milk, soy products, dairy products, egg products, lactose, sesame.

    KOULOURINI FETA - Mini Feta Cheese Bites 750gr Famiglia di pasta