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Me meli pine honey is 100% pure. It is natural unrefined honey collected and packaged by a single beekeeper family. This honey is produced in the pine forests of Chalkidiki.

Pine honey is of high nutritional value. It is less bitter than the other forest honeys while we do not find it difficult to distinguish in the exquisite aroma of the notes of fertile soil and moist wood.

It constitutes about 65% of the total production in Greece comes from the granular Marchalina hellenica (worker), which settles mainly in the crevices of the dry bark and is surrounded by a waxy white substance, the characteristic cotton that secretes itself from its skin.


Due to the low concentration of sugars, it is not too sweet. The substances that prevail in pine honey are minerals and trace elements (calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, etc.), which are found in high concentrations. It has a unique advantage, wonderful remedy for throat ailments.

Pine honey does not crystallize and is richer in trace elements, proteins, amino acids and has fewer calories, it is considered honey of high nutritional value and this is mainly due to the large number of different nutrients in its composition but mainly in high concentrations of trace elements Scientific research has shown that these nutrients help positively in colds.


  • It is honeydew honey
  • It has a wonderful delicate aroma
  • It has a sweet taste
  • It has a golden color


Beekeeper Reg. Num.: EL42/1372

Glass jar 400gr


Learn more about Chamaidis Family and "Me meli" here

Greek Pine Honey 400gr Chamaidi Family Single Beekeeper

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