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For almost a century now, our company, with the confidence of a pioneering and modern food manufacturing industry, has maintained a steady growth trajectory, never losing sight of its fundamental principles: quality, innovation, respect for the customer, ethics & excellence. Based on these values, we have built a meaningful, lifelong relationship with our consumers.

With a sweet, almost 100-year-old history, Papadopoulos S.A. company distributes its products in 60 countries around the world, through its specialized network of brand partners.


Always looking to identify new consumer trends and also keeping abreast with international market developments, we design and develop the products of the future with responsibility and devotion, while constantly renewing our historic brands, which have been accompanying Greek consumers for more than four generations and are now synonymous to Greek biscuit-making.


Our qualified nutritionists and scientists aim to develop top-quality, preservative-free products whose raw materials neither contain nor derive from genetically modified organisms (non-GMOs). Cereal –or carbohydrates–, the main source of energy for our body, is the principal raw material used, among other fine ingredients, in the making of our products. All products contain the ideal carbohydrate, protein, and fat content for a healthy and balanced diet.

Respect for the customer

We strive to meet the demand for premium quality products that satisfy consumer needs and desires, using only the most flavoursome and fresh materials, while achieving the ideal consumer value.


26 Petrou Ralli Ave

11810 Attica


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