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We are a dynamically developing company. Our goal is to offer the highest quality, the best taste and the even better customer service possible.

The company’s story begins in 1953 when its founder Charalambos Panitsas begun learning the craft of butchering.

The first traditional butcher shop opened its doors in 1978 and since then the family has opened 3 more stores in the area. The increase in wholesales drove the Panitsas family to open a new-age meat-processing unit of 21,500 square feet in 2018 where the meat is processed and handled under the strict regulations of the Greek Food and Beverage codes.

Our company's foundation policy for production is "all of our kids will be eating our products". Our recognized quality is sealed by the ISO 22000 Food Safety Management and ISO 9001 Quality Management certificates held by our facility. Within the production areas, there are hygienic stations to ensure the hygiene of the area and the staff. Our company also has equipment for quality control of the raw material.

Regular analyses of both the raw materials and our products are carried out in collaboration with an external accredited laboratory, in order to ensure, in the most appropriate way, the safety and quality of our products that reach the final consumer.


Peristeria - Industrial Zone of Patra

25200 Achaia


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