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Kotrotsos Greek wine in the UK

The Winery

Kotrotsos Winery was established in 1996 by Yiannis Kotrotsos, a chemist-oenologist.

Having worked in wineries in Achaia and Nemea for 15 years he started his own winery. The winery privately owned modern facilities are situated 15 km north of Patras, at Vasiliko, Erymanthos Municipality, in the Prefecture of Achaia.

Thanks to scientific expertise, passion, love and desire for excellent wine, Kotrotsos Winery makes high-quality wines from selected vineyards. Being an excellent combination of quality and price, those wines are competitive as well as within most consumers’ reach.

The company cooperates permanently with viticulturists who grow grapes meeting the quality requirements. The most interesting grape varieties from Greece and abroad are used in the wine-making process which is carried out under controlled conditions.

Moschofilero, Chardonnay, Rodites, Muscat are the white grape varieties while Agiorgitiko, Merlot, Cabernet and Mavrodaphne are the red ones.

The Distillery:

The production of tsipouro is like a fairy tale whose origins emerge from the mists of time. Having withstood the test of time, it is now found in variations almost across Greece. For centuries, this secondary product of viticulture was inextricably linked with rural life. It was a necessary accompaniment in all of life’s great joys and sorrows.

The first written reference to tsipouro in Ancient Greece dates back to Hellenistic times, where the drink is referred to as “trimma”.

The art of distillation developed during Byzantine times in the monasteries of Mount Athos on the peninsula of Athos, using small traditional copper stills and rudimentary production conditions.

Located in a separate space in the winery, it features a modern 1300 lt still with a 6-plate rectification column for the production of high-quality distillate. It has stainless steel storage tanks for raw materials, for the collection of various distillate varieties from Muscat, Roditis and Agiorgitiko marc and for mixing, to create the final product.

Raw materials:

Achaia is a protected designation of origin of Muscat, an aromatic variety that is one of the best raw materials for producing distillates, as well as Roditis, whose marc we combine for producing the Stalia-Stalia tsipouro.


Vassiliko Achaias

25008 Achaia


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