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AENAON Karoumbalis S.A


Karoumbalis family started producing extra virgin olive oil in 1960, in a Village near Kalamata, where Dimitris Karoumbalis founded the first traditional oil processing factory with presses. Avant-garde for his time, relying on his large family and especially to his sons Anthony and George he begun the production of olive oil. A process extremely difficult and exhausting.


Since then, many things have changed.

The increase of the production combined with the revolution in new technologies olive machinery, led the family, motivated by a passion for perfection but always with respect to the tradition, to follow all stages of continuous development with new types of machineries. The new generation of the family business, Evangelos and Dimitrios Karoumbalis continues to produce the most precious gift of nature the “olive oil”.

Specifically, since 2008 the family business became KAROUMPALIS S.A. constructing a modern olive oil instalment based on the specifications of the European Community with the latest technology, operating in conditions of good hygiene, producing and ensuring top quality olive oil.


Always working under high standards in olive oil production, the business expanded in the area of Olive Oil bottling under the trade name AENAON, wishing to become widely known by consumers who like to enjoy top quality products on their table.


Madaina Messinias


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