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Farma Lefkaron


Our Cheese Factory

Mr Kosmas Kipirtoglou's dairy and cheese business is housed in a brand new and state-of-the-art facilityof 1500 sq.m. The unit, using its modern equipment, is able to process it daily 10 tones of sheep and goat milk and cow's milk. It is worth noting that milk which the business processes - as a whole - comes from producers in the region. Emphasizing on quality and taste, PDO slices, xinotiri, goat cheese, traditional yogurt, kefalograviera, kefalotyri, gruyere, PDO butter, fresh butter, cream cheese, and cheese based on local recipes with milk from local producers. 

No preservatives are used in the preparation of the products, and in particular the slice is Product Designation of Origin (PDO). Mr. Kosmas Kipirtoglou's dairy and cheese products company is located on a privately owned land in the area of "Black Soil" in Lefkara Local Community, on the north side of the municipality of Servia-Velvento.

Our Vision

Focusing on our love and respect for our tradition we produce traditional cheese products with emphasis on taste quality.

With raw milk, good raw materials and traditional recipe the result is premium quality products.

Our aim

We look to the future with optimism, sincerely look at our suppliers and partners, and together we are taking a step towards a new era. 

We strive for a mix of many factors, to continue with the same passion, to reach every home-grown, our own exquisite product!


Lefkara, Kozani


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