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ELMAR Crete founded in 2011 by its major shareholder I. Kokolinakis SA, created by Nikolaos Kokolinakis. He has been trading the most qualitative olive oils from Crete, especially from Chania,  since 1956.

The experience and knowledge were given as legacy to the new group company, in order to continue gathering, standardization and trading of olive oil, offering products of superior quality.

ELMAR is housed in a 2500 square meters property and the facilities are equipped with ultra-modern bottling machines. The investment was entirely made with equity capital. Our basic concern is the continuous modernization of machinery and the innovation in production activity.

The experience in the making and trading of olive oil leads us to provide the most authentic oil with passion, dedication, respect for tradition and according to our consumers' needs.

Ultra-modern bottling machines, focus and expertise throughout the course of the production process, ensure excellent combination of value and quality for the product which structures the Mediterranean diet.

Our vision is the international networking and strengthening of the company, with total respect to reliability and capabilities of our national and international financial environment.

The cornerstone of the operation of ELMAR Crete SA is ensuring our product’s quality. It is evidenced by the certification with maximum points for ISO 22000, IFS and BRC.

The qualitative characteristics of our olive oil varieties are considered when purchasing and throughout the whole bottling process.

The desire and the goal is the continuous investment in qualitative olive oils, which are managed in our facilities.


3 Kimitirion str, Kalohori

57009 Thessaloniki


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