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Barley Rusks 400g - Manna Tsatsaronakis

Traditional, handmade, slow-baked rusks.

The slow maturing and drying processes, and the selected whole grain wheat and barley grain varieties from which they are made, lend these barley rusks a unique flavor and aroma.

Containing a mere 1.8% fat per portion (i.e. 3 rusks), they also contain half the salt found in one portion of bread, while covering (26%) of the recommended daily fiber intake.

They are particularly filling and digestible, since fiber combined with their hard texture retains a relatively high level of saturation.

The high barley content makes them particularly beneficial for good bowel function while they are also richer in beta-glucans and minerals than ordinary whole grains.

They are considered an ideal choice for those who wish to lose weight and/or follow a balanced, healthy diet.

Their taste is so rich that you can enjoy them even on their own or combine them with other ingredients, making every meal of the day a special one.


• Ingredients: Wholegrain flours (wheat, barley 70%), water, salt, yeast.

• Origin: Crete, Greece

• Net content: 400gr

• Packaging: plastic bag


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Barley Rusks 400g - Manna Tsatsaronakis