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Me meli thyme honey is 100% pure.

It is natural unrefined honey collected and packaged by a single beekeeper family.

This honey collected in the summer from Galaxidi's thyme bushes (nearby world famous Delphi).

Thyme honey is the most famous category of honey in Greece. It is sought after and expensive not only for its wonderful taste and aroma but also because it can not be produced in large quantities.


It is considered the "King" of Greek honey and certainly one of the best honeys in the world. It is produced from a humble toasty shrub that does not catch the eye until it is filled with purple flowers. However, its aroma participates in the smell of the Greek summer and its color gives color to the dry summer landscape. We are talking, of course, about thyme, which produces 10% of the annual honey crop.

Thyme honey belongs to the flower honeys, but in fact it is a separate category due to its strong aromatic and taste characteristics.


It has a pleasant taste, but sometimes due to the high concentration of fructose, it leaves a burning sensation in the mouth. Its color is usually light blonde, amber or reddish depending on the flora of the area during the collection of nectar or honey from the bees.

It crystallizes in a period of six months up to two years. Greek thyme honey is known worldwide for its excellent quality. Apart from the saltiness of the sea and the coolness of the mountain, there are specific areas in Greek nature that are characterized by a strong presence of thyme. As a result, the thyme honey that is produced has a very high content of pollen grains and they make it musk more than anything else, which is why it has fanatical consumers.


  • It is honeydew honey
  • It has a wonderful delicate aroma
  • It has a sweet taste
  • It has a golden color


Beekeeper Reg. Num.: EL42/1372

Glass jar 400gr


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Greek Thyme Honey 400gr Chamaidi Family

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